Over 2 billion glasses consumed per year, 120 million bottles sold, pastis is by far the first aperitif and one of the most consumed spirits in France.


From Cote d’Azur’s retired boules players to Canal Saint-Martin’s hipsters in Paris, pastis is the favorite aperitif in France, regardless of the age and economic status of the consumers.


However, despite the emergence of artisanal pastis brands such as Pastis Bardouin against the traditional giants of the category, Ricard and Pastis 51, no brand has ever targeted the young urban buyers.

The objective of Pastis de Saint-Tropez is to talk directly to this young, urban target, great lovers of aperitifs with friends.

Far from traditional codes of the category, the pastis de Saint-Tropez aims to become the very first 'Pastis Chic'.

A high-end pastis, Tropezian at heart and respecting the values ​​of tradition and the festive spirit of the village.


A Pastis associated in a modern and fun way with another specialty of the village also acclaimed by the target, pétanque.



Saint-Tropez is one of the very first cities with Marseille to have launched its own Pastis, Le Mont Pécoulet the same year as Ricard and Pastis 51. But not benefiting from the advertising genius of Paul Ricard, the brand didn’t manage to find its place between these 2 young brands which became the heavyweight champions of the category.


While there is a Pastis from Lyon, a Pastis from Biarritz, a Pastis from Bretagne and even a Pastis from Paris, Pastis from Saint-Tropez has disappeared.

70 years later, the Pastis of Saint-Tropez is about to make a comeback, in the form of a high-end pastis, Tropezian in its recipe and in its state of mind.

Beyond its historical legitimacy, Saint-Tropez benefits from an extraordinary reputation worldwide.

With less than 5000 inhabitants, Saint-Tropez is indeed the most famous French village in the world.

With its marina, its institutions like Sénéquier, its Place des Lices and its legendary pétanque tournaments, its beach bars, Saint-Tropez is an internationally renowned city attracting countless celebrities.


The ‘Saint-Tropez’ label is a considerable competitive advantage and a crucial asset for the distribution of the brand in supermarkets and the international market.

The project described below has been presented to the mayor of Saint-Tropez as well as the trademark department of the city and has been validated.


The founders of the brand are authorized to use the 'Pastis de Saint-Tropez' label.


A distinctive spirit

Far from nostalgic clichés, the spirit of Pastis de Saint-Tropez will be resolutely contemporary, chic, popular and disruptive.  

A clever balance between traditions and modernity that does not take itself too seriously like the French brands acclaimed on social networks like le Slip Français, Big Fernand, les Raffineurs, le Chocolat Français or Les Niçois.

The Bottle

A crucial element of pastis culture and now a collector's item, the glass carafe is the source of inspiration for the shape of our bottle.

Bruni Glass JULIA Glass Carafe Model

The carafe selected for the launch of the brand is the Julia model from Bruni Glass.

Like its exclusive recipe, Pastis de Saint-Tropez will later have its own bottle (end of 2020), produced from its own mould and inspired by mythical Pastis glass carafe from the 1950s.

The Cap

For the first time in the history of spirits, we are going to create a special cap that will go beyond its simple role of closing a bottle.


A real playful object, the cork of the Pastis de Saint-Tropez bottle will serve a dual purpose, closing the bottle but also… playing pétanque!


Detachable lacquered jack ball 

Adhesive strip


The selected glass bottle model offers a large flat surface on its front and back. The opportunity once again to stand out from the competition by using disruptive visuals far from the current codes of the category.  


For aesthetic, historical and practical reasons, we opted for visuals in the form of illustrations.


The illustrations make it possible to create a powerful graphic charter, easily identifiable and adaptable at will.

Tropezian-born, internationally recognized illustrator and influential Instagrammer, Quentin Monge will be in charge of the illustration of the bottles of the first series.

To stand out from the competition, the bottle will be available in the form of annual collections.


Each collection will have its range of 3 different illustrations inspired by the favorite themes of Saint-Tropez lovers: lunch at the beach, pétanque Place des Lices, aquagym in the pool, sunbathing in the garden, aperitif with friends, nightclub outing...


This regular renewal will offer a large number of marketing opportunities, including online, a privileged communication channel to promote the brand.

Artwork #1 'Nap in the Garden' 

Artwork #2 'Farniente in Pampelonne' 

Artwork #3 'Pétanque Place des Lices' 

Artworks by Quentin Monge Summer 2020

Moodboard illustration bespoke carafe model

The name

In most cases, the artisanal Pastis brands have chosen a name with regional connotations.

To stand out from the competition and to modernize the category, we opted for a more conceptual name in terms of content and form, a name that will symbolize the renewed union between pastis and pétanque.

This name comes from an old expression of pétanque players, an expression used to attract the attention of the public before the last point of the game which has a minimum of 13, the equivalent to the pétanque of the famous 'match ball' for tennis. Thus in case of perfect equality before the final outcome, the referees announced loudly...  ‘12 / 12 ’!

Simple, international, fun, graphic, evoking the Provence and associated with the world of pétanque, our pastis will be baptized...

Pastis de



Pastis is the result of the flavoring of a neutral alcohol of agricultural origin with extracts of green anise, star anise, fennel, or any other plant containing the same main aromatic constituent, as well as by natural extracts from licorice root.


Then each brand adds plant essences which give a unique taste to their craft pastis. The most complex pastis are thus made from more than 60 different herbs and spices.

The recipe of Pastis de Saint-Tropez will be directly inspired by the artisanal recipes of anise-flavored spirits developed by the Tropezians in the 1950s.


This recipe will use 2 ingredients widely used in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez gardens, fig and orange blossom. Another peculiarity, the recipe will also contain almond syrup - or orgeat -, a nod to the Amaretto imported by the Tropezians of Italian origin at the beginning of the last century.

These key ingredients and some of the plants and herbs used in the recipe will come from farms of Saint-Tropez or harvested in the Garrigue during a 'picking' day in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

The creation of the original recipe for 12/12 Pastis de Saint-Tropez was entrusted to a historic distillery in the region and specialized in the manufacture of traditional regional liqueurs and handcraft pastis.


Before becoming a spirit’s name, ‘Pastis’ is an old Provençal expression meaning ‘mixture’.


Making a good pastis therefore etymologically means making a good mixture.


To constitute the team of 12/12 Pastis de Saint-Tropez, we are committed to respect a balance ensuring local legitimacy and guaranteeing professional know-how. The 12/12 pastis de Saint-Tropez team is made up of specialists in high-end spirits and influential Tropezians. ​ ​


Hugues Cholez, Franck Botbol, Alain Camagie et Baptiste Massé

The founders of Squadron 303 vodka, at the origin of the project, are in charge of the design, production, distribution and marketing in France and Export.

Raph Blanc, Tobias Chaix et Vincent Luftman

The founders of the most prominent restaurants in Saint-Tropez and Ramatuelle  - Indie Beach, Pablo, Playamigos - are in charge of the promotion, marketing and dissemination of the brand across the Peninsula.


Jan Berger et Antoine Costa

Tropéziens de naissance, amis d’enfance, Jan et Antoine possèdent de nombreux soutiens au village, notamment à la mairie et dans les associations locales. Ils endosseront le rôle d’Ambassadeurs de la marque auprès des instances locales. ​

Top : Jan Berger // Baptiste Massé, Franck Botbol, Alain Camagie, Hugues Cholez
Below :  Tobias Chaix, Raph Blanc, Vincent Luftman // Antoine Costa


Summer 2020, pre-launch in Saint-Tropez

With the support of the City of Saint-Tropez and the involvement of some of the most renowned establishments in Saint-Tropez (Pablo, Indie Beach and Playamigos), the initial strategy was to massively launch the 12/12 Pastis de Saint-Tropez in the village this summer. Then spread the brand nationally, especially in supermarkets before initiating international development thanks to the influence of the Saint-Tropez label around the world.


Given the unprecedented situation that we are experiencing, we have adapted this initial strategy taking into account the uncertainties that arise from it, in particular regarding the speed of deconfinement, the authorizations to open Tropezians establishments and the flow of international tourists.


We therefore decided to focus our efforts on a pre-launch this summer in Saint-Tropez by securing a small volume of bottles, ie 1000 bottles VS the 30,000 initially planned.

The main objective is to ‘lock’ the brand in Saint-Tropez this summer with the support of the Town Hall. This pre-launch will also make the brand known to key influencers while gathering the first reactions from consumers. These are all key elements that will help us to initiate from september the referencing of the brand in supermarkets and organize the 1st consequent fundraising with factual data and more visibility.


Special conditions have been defined for the first investors who wish to participate in the seed fund intended to finance the pre-launch. The principle is to value the capital point at an amount lower than that initially calculated. Details of this new offer are available on request at

Fall 2020, referencing in supermarkets

Supermarkets represent 80% of the Pastis market in France. Large-scale distribution is the main objective for the expansion of the brand.

The brand has already been presented to key buyers from the main retail chains. The reception of the project was outstanding, all of buyers expressed their impatience to distribute the first ‘Pastis chic’ signed by Saint-Tropez.

These first presentations confirmed that the ‘Saint-Tropez’ label is a key to quickly open the doors of mass distribution.

This 'Saint-Tropez' label associated with the gain of notoriety following the launch of the brand in Saint-Tropez will allow to launch the referencing of the brand in mass distribution from this autumn, starting with the most selective brand, Monoprix.


At the same time, Pastis de Saint-Tropez will be introduced to the on-trade circuit, mainly to bars with terraces in major cities in France.

Spring 2021, Baristas activations and Export

To generate volume and increase its visibility, the brand will implement an ambitious activation strategy with baristas and bar owners. The idea is to involve the most dynamic players in the on-trade market through an unprecedented program associating the 2 pillars of the brand: Saint-Tropez and pétanque. A program with an evocative name, 'Les Triplettes de Saint-Tropez', see chapter below.


Finally, the notoriety of the most famous village in France and the large number of international tourists during the summer will make it possible to go beyond French borders and introduce the brand from 2021 in major European cities such as Berlin, London, Brussels, Milan, Madrid. , Barcelona.


Then develop the Great Export by targeting international megalopolises like NYC, LA, Tokyo, Beijing, Moscow...


The ultimate goal is to become the very first brand of ‘Pastis Chic’ in the world.

Les Cibles Business

B2C target

Trendy urbanites, French and international.

The French community established in the large western cities.

International tourists who know St Tropez.

Media target

Regional daily press

Var Matin, Nice Matin, La Provence...

National hype press

GQ, Daily, The Good Life, Vice...


Business press

Figaro Eco, Challenges, les Echos, BFM...

B2B target

The bars, restaurants of towns or beaches of St Tropez.

The large city retailers (Monoprix), main national retailers (Carrefour, Auchan, Leclerc...)

Restaurants / bars with terrace in major cities in France.

National bars & restaurants and International retailers.

Group target

Multinational alcoholic beverages company, looking for an exportable French brand.

Pastis market leaders who fear the ‘craft beer’ effect.

(Read the article les Echos)



The notoriety of Saint-Tropez, the authentic and modern image of the brand and its natural association with the world of pétanque offer ideal conditions for setting up a unique incentive system to involve Baristas and GSM buyers / GD in the brand.


The idea is to organize each year a large pétanque tournament putting in competition the employees of establishments and signs of the big cities of France, to select the Triplette 'champion' of each city and to make compete the winners during a grand finale at Place des Lices in Saint-Tropez.


This pseudo-sports but totally festive program called ‘les Triplettes de Saint-Tropez’ will be an opportunity to broadcast goodies stamped ‘12 / 12 Pastis de Saint-Tropez ’throughout the country.

1 000 BTL

30 00 BTL

62 000 BTL



300 000 €

75 000 €

APRIL / MAY 2020



A/C  SEPT  2020



Additional information and detailed business plan available on request.
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